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Storytelling for Negotiation

Storytelling for Negotiation

Storytelling for Sales

Storytelling for Sales

Storytelling as Defence against Manipulation

Storytelling as Defence against Manipulation

Visual StorySelling for increasing your efficiency

Visual StorySelling for increasing your efficiency

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What do our Customers say about us?

  • "Ed, You have a gift for not only telling great stories but teaching how to integrate them into a sales call. Our sales team truly enjoyed the day they spent with you. As many of them said, "Training is usually boring, Ed made it fun and inspiring. We really learned how to transform a difficult cold calling into a positive result. Amazing techniques" I strongly recommend Ed for sales training, he really helped kickstart our year. Thanks again."
    Ron Mathurin // General Manager at G&K Services
  • "Without any hesitation, I can say that Beyond Consulting training turned out to be one of the most inspiring and effective sessions we’ve taken. My team was able to achieve results well above our initial projections."
    Karén Khachaturov, CAPITAL Data Recovery Inc. // Founder
  • "I most appreciated the stories Ed told us about how storytelling played a role in his successful career in sales.  This validated the concept and made the content easy to remember.   Although we primarily discussed the use of verbal storytelling, a few days after the workshop I had a big proposal due.  Using techniques learned from Ed, I changed my typical approach and provided compelling stories to overcome potential objections and connect to the evaluator.  The proposal was for a highly competitive project and I found out yesterday that I made the short list! The most important thing people should know about the material is that storytelling IS the foundation for connection - but it has to be done right. Learning how to tell it is critical, or whole experience falls flat and the opportunity is lost. Ed’s workshop sets people up for success and is applicable to so many situations beyond formal sales roles. I would recommend Ed to businesses that have a large number of people in a selling, negotiating, managerial or client-interfacing role."
    Erin Hamilton // Principal, MOGL Small Business Services
  • "Beyond Consulting GAP Analysis has certainly helped ACCO to re-define the strategic focus and make quick adjustments to our business development process."
    Fanya Zilberbrant, ACCO // President
  • "What I like the most about working with you Ed – you are very approachable; you go above and beyond typical training (customized approach); you are authentic.  I would absolutely recommend your workshop to people in sales / business development role. The most important thing is that you are passionate about what you do and have really good stories to share."
    Nicolas de Bony // Business Coach
  • "Storytelling is a natural extension of who I am so showing how it can be so effective was very helpful. After the workshop, I realized I have to be more intentional-more strategic when I am meeting a prospect. I will certainly recommend this workshop. I think the information is relevant regardless of industry.  The time was well spent and beneficial to every team member."
    Raelene Bergen Harder // Business Coach
  • "Ed provided a good flow and pace. The content was relevant to our current situation for sure!  The very next day, the Montreal Team had their Business Epics event. I delved into stories throughout the presentation. For me, this is a strategy I have been using for a long time...I think I only realized how much I used it when I listened to you speak. I found myself saying: 'Oh, I already do that." I would absolutely recommend this workshop!"
    Nathalie Mailhot // Business Coach, Rhapsody Strategies.
  • “ Thank you for the great training day! The feedback on Friday was very positive!  My expectations were met as I know that based on conversations with representatives to date, all of them left with pearls to implement. For myself, the use of "911" and having a "tool box" of stories to use with potential customers was a key!  My second pearl is using the energy of our opponent and finding a common ground so we are walking side by side and not pushing one another back and forth (not always easy as emotions can run high when you are in the heat of the call!)  Your commercial at the end of class really hit home!  Changing our words can change our world.  Keeping our language positive , staying away from the word "but", and having a pleasant, upbeat vibe on both the telephone and in person are things I believe in 100%. Again, a big thank you Ed for getting our team off to such a great start in the New Year!"
    Suzanne Grether // District Sales Manager// G&K Services
  • “Great job Ed! Happy to see you putting to work all that sales experience. And, I love using stories and anecdotes in the sales process. 100% agree”
    Michael Curran // President / Owner at Great River Media, Publisher of Ottawa Business Journal
  • “Your presentation at the Orleans Chamber of Commerce breakfast last week really resonated with me as I had already started actively brainstorming situations/stories to have in my back pocket in response to common objections”
    Joelle Hall // RBC Dominion Securities
  • “What I liked best is that I was engaged in the seminar the whole time. I have a very short attention span as we discussed and you managed to keep my attention for the whole time. That is a rare event. So that was the thing I appreciated the most. I plan on being able to respond to objections better in the way that it would be working with the client instead of against them. I think I get defensive when I hear a no and that makes me start fighting back not working with. I would certainly recommend this workshop to my friends in sales and to the whole office.The most important thing people should know about this workshop is that they must be willing to accept that they don’t know everything and that you have a lot of valuable information to teach them. Thank you for your hard work and as Adrian mentioned, we would love to see you at our networking event and if you know more people that would like to come, we would be more than happy to host you.!”
    Sherry Ghali  // Business Development Associate  l  Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation
  • “Ed, I liked your hands on approach and how you kept it simple with relatable examples and scenarios. I am planning to use this new information to reduce objections, create urgency, and to stop selling and start closing through well-crafted storytelling. I hope to master my storytelling to gain trust from potential clients over the phone which will hopefully yield more sales, more commission, and more profit for my company. I would recommend it to anyone who has a job in which they have to convince someone into buying/using their product or service. This can range from entry level positions to executive positions in which they need tools to excel in their career. This training session made me feel comfortable and I never felt nervous when asked a question or to provide examples of my day-to-day objections.   I would say that the most important thing people should know about you is how comfortable you make people feel through an appropriate sense of humor, relatable content, and simple explanations that doesn’t leave people scratching their heads. I wish you the best in your consulting business. Also, if you have any other workshops in the future please let me know as I have a couple colleagues who would be interested."
    Adrian Botelho  // Business Development Associate  l  Firma Foreign Exchange Corporation
  • "Thank you for having us at your workshop!  It was quite informative. It was great to have the media clips to illustrate points and keep us engaged. I am hoping to be better at making further sales with your information. I would recommend your workshop to those who are new to sales or would like to improve on their skills to learn new techniques"
    W.L. // Marriott Hotels
  • "I like the best your soft spoken style and Aikido parallels. I am planning to apply Feel-Felt-Found principle and collecting real life stories and experiences. The most importnant thing is how you have helped companies and individuals in the past:  what were the issues and how did you coach these and what was the final result. I am looking forward to working together in the future!"
    Marcus van der Pas // Business development. Russell Hendrix Equipment Ottawa
  • “ I enjoyed your training and hearing about your experience in sales. You have a very relaxed/calm demeanor which I liked. I also liked hearing the stories about your personal experience  - especially the one about closing the big sale at the water fountain. The techniques you use with storytelling are ones I was already using – and didn’t realize how valuable they were. I would recommend your workshops, to anyone I know in sales. The value in your presentation is the experience that you bring to the table, and the major players that you have worked with – this all gives you credibility. But your personality is engaging and your low key relaxed approach is interesting and non-threatening for people”.
    Leigh Mildon // Corporate Account Manager GoodLife FITNESS

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